K inetic Engineering Limited's manufacturing hub has grown over 70 acres in Ahmednagar, which today chronicles the rising of the astounding Firodia Group. With over 800 employees and 400+ machines, the Ahmednagar hub is the prime example of KEL's innovative future, with a capacity of ready-made infrastructure for immediate expansion. It has over 32 manufacturing sheds, totaling to 500,000 volumes. All the products of KEL are IATF 16949 certified, making them one of the highest quality auto-components in the world of automation industry. Today, KEL manufactures more than 151 different auto components, primarily divided into three major categories:

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Services offered

KEL manufactures tailored gear shafts and complete gearboxes according to suit customers' needs.

KEL has a state-of-the-art transmission manufacturing and Quality Checking facilities along with multi-facility heat treatment capability.

KEL manufacture and assemble small engines up to 400 ccs.

KEL produces all essential engine components, including cylinder heads, crankshafts, axles, shafts and all types of machine components.

KEL can manufacture and assemble products such as mopeds, motorcycles, ATV, lawn mowers, etc.

KEL has the press, weld, paint shop capability to cater the clients’ specific needs.


Spline Yoke

The Spline Yoke remains Kinetic’s most important program and we are leaving no stone unturned for its success

  • Kinetic is the proud supplier of the Spline Yoke for American Axle
  • Kinetic invested Rs. 22 Crores ($ 3.5 million) in Spline Yoke
  • Has supplied 280,000 Yokes till date
  • Kinetic's production capacity is 2520 per day
  • Dedicated single piece conveyorized layout
  • Final inspection done in 8 stations
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    New Press for high productivity, and controlled dimension forgings with reducing roller for weight optimization
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    New Induction Heater for controlled heating of forging as per AAM requirement
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    SPMs for all milling operations (Side & Outside)
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    Dedicated Rack Rolling Machine by Nachi
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    New Induction Hardening Machine by Inductotherm
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    Newly added Furnace Tempering
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    SPM for “U Drill” made in the House
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    Spline OD grinding by Tsugami - Japan commissioned
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    New SPM for 2,4 hole drilling
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    New VMC for boring and grooving

    Machining Capabilities

    Complete range of machining using 178 machines including 71 CNC machines

    Gear Cutting Operations

    Hobbing, Broaching, shaving, spline rolling, shaping, boring grinding.

    Heat Treatment

    Case carburizing, Induction hardening, Carbonitriding

    Finishing Operations

    Plating, CED, powder coating, painting.


    Gear helix, profile, pitch error, CMM


    Body Shop Capabilities - complete end to end solutions

    Press Shop

    Kinetic has a fully functional press shop with:

    • A capacity ranging from 63 tonnes to 200 tonnes press, capable in all varieties of sheet metal.
    • Activities include forming, bending, trimming, drawing, piercing.
    • Ideal for all sheet metal parts like chassis, silencer, body parts, etc.
    Weld Shop

    The Weld Shop of Kinetic provides welding of:

    • CO2
    • Spot
    • Steam
    • Gas
    • Projection
    • Tig
    • Aluminium
    • Laser
    Paint Shop & Plating

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    • Complete paint shop with pre-treatment plant, including Degreasing, Chromatizing, Phosphating
    • CED (Cathodic electric deposition) painting for components like chassis, rims etc.
    • Plastic paint shop - separate facility at Koregaon Bhima for large ABS part painting
    • Nickel-chrome, zinc, copper and zinc-cobalt plating facility

    Technical Capabilities

    Gear & Shaft Manufacturing Facility

    • Hobbing machines - 38
    • Shaving machines - 24
    • Shaping machines - 17
    • Gear chamfering machines - 17
    • Grinding machines - 71
    • Laser Welding - 01
    • Spline rolling machines - 10
    • Broaching machines – 08
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    Aluminum & Cast Iron Machining Facility

    • Chiron (Germany make) - 3 Axis machine with 40 Tools magazine & 2 pallets
    • Heller (Germany make) - 4 Axis machine with 80 Tools magazine, 2 Pallets & 0.001 mm accuracy
    • HMC / VMC - 20
    • Milling Machines - 24
    • Machining centers - 48
    • Boring SPMs - 03

    Well Equipped Calibration Room

    • Slip gauge Grade “O”
    • Horizontal Metro scope
    • Dial Calibrator with 0.001 LC
    • Floating Carriage
    • Roundness Tester
    • Torque Wrench tester
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    Transmission Assembly & Testing

    • Transmission Lines - 3nos for
    • Mahindra Trucks & Buses Ltd
    • Piaggio Private Ltd
    • Great SASS Architecture, Aixam Polaris
    • EOL Test rigs - 3nos
    • 2 are supplied by Customer
    • 1 is made in house
    Gear Manufacturing Shaft Manufacturing Case & Cover
    Type Spur, Helical, Double Spur, Planet Main Shaft, Drive Shaft (Spur/ Helical) Gearbox Housing, Rear Cover, Top Cover, Front Cover
    Process Hobbed, Shaped, Taper Shaped, Shaved Facing & Centering, Turning, Grinding Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Boring
    Accuracies DIN Class 8 to 9 OD Grinding 10micron, Ra = 3.2 Flatness - 0.05 mm, C.D.- 0.04 mm. Concentricity - 20 to 30 microns
    Module Range 1.25 – 4 N/A N/A
    Splines Rolled involutes, Hobbed involutes, Straight Splines N/A N/A
    Material SAE8620, EN353, SCM415, SCM420 in Cold, Hot Forged, Routes, Bar stock SAE8620,EN 353,SCM415,SCM420 in Cold, Hot Forged, Routes, Bar stock Aluminum Alloy, Gray Cast Iron
    Heat Treatments Case-Carburizing, Hardening, Tempering, Nitriding, Carbo-nitriding, Induction Hardening Case-Carburizing, Hardening, Tempering, Nitriding, Carbo-nitriding, Induction Hardening N/A
    Size Range Gears Dia 15 to 400 mm Dia 15 to 100 mm X 650mm Length 450 mm X 450 mm

    International Machines

    The extensive range of KEL's international machines can suit the needs of all types of operations:

  • 32 Murata/Japan CNC turning Centers
  • 27 Liebherr/Germany Gear Hobbing Machines
  • 19 Hurth/Redring/ Kanzaki Gear Shaving Machines
  • 04 Liebherr/Germany High-Speed Shaping
  • 08 HMT Conventional Shaping
  • 08 Protel Broaching machines
  • 16 Voumard Internal Grinders
  • 28 Landis Profile Grinders
  • 21 HMT Cylindrical Grinders
  • 12 Sunnen/WMV, Fuji Honing Machines
  • One Trumpf Laser welding Machine
  • One Tsugami CNC Angular Wheel Head Grinding Machine
  • One Klingelnberg CNC Gear Tester
  • Assemblies

    KEL's ingenious team has immense experience in assembling complete gearboxes and engines

    So far, KEL has manufactured over 50,00,000 engines for mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles

    KEL currently assembles engines for Kinetic, Tomos, and MV Agusta, as well as gearboxes for LCVs

    Each engine or gearbox manufactured by KEL is examined and made with utmost quality as per the specification of the customers

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    Technology Partners

    • MAGNA
    • TGB

    Design, Testing and Validation Facility
    • Magna, I-design

    • Jig / Fixture design & manufacturing Shop
    • Forging shop - New press, induction heater on order
    • Machine shop, including Gear manufacturing with 400+ machines
    • Heat Treatment shop (1CGC + 3SQF)
    • Assembly shop
    •Surface treatments like CED, Plating, Powder coating


    • Kinetic Quality Awareness & Awards system
    • Internal and external PPM, Improvements monitoring & monthly review
    • Quality & Calibration Lab


    The Kinetic Group, with the flagship company of Kinetic Engineering Limited, was founded by one of the most celebrated and inspirational industrialists in the Indian Automobile Industry - Late Shri. H.K. Firodia.


    Kinetic Engineering Limited
    Kinetic Innovation Park, D-1 Block,
    Plot No. 18/2, MIDC Chinchwad, Pune 411 019